The Inspiration of the Silver Screen: How Movies Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

There are no accomplishments that come without challenges. Success is never an easy process. If you have a dream that you want to achieve, you must be prepared to maintain your faith in it, even during the toughest and most difficult times. Many of us have reached a point where we have said “I give up!” I’m sure that many of us have had this thought, including myself. However, the truth is that if you persevere, if you push past the “I give up” phase, and if you reaffirm your faith in your dream, then the Invisible Examiner will recognize that you are committed to your purpose and will grant you success. Remember, the only way to pass the Examiner’s test is to demonstrate your faith through action. Here’s how you can do it:

Faith is like love: we must prove it through our actions.

When you love someone with all your heart, you accept them for who they are, including their imperfections and flaws. You don’t say “I love you for this, but I hate you for that”, right? And, when the person you love needs your help, you offer it without hesitation. It’s the same with faith. When you have faith in your dream, you do so despite the challenges that may come your way. It’s your dream and it depends solely on your actions to make it a reality. So, when the path to fulfilling your dream becomes difficult, you don’t give up. You show faith, just as you show love for someone when they are going through a tough time that makes them hard to deal with.

J.K. Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter,” is a great example of unshakeable faith. She wrote most of her first “Harry Potter” book in coffee shops because she couldn’t afford to pay for heat in her apartment. As a single mother without childcare, she carried her baby daughter in a stroller while she wrote the story of Harry Potter, driven by the need to complete her book. When she submitted it, it was initially rejected by several publishers. However, she never gave up. She showed faith in her dream through her actions and persevered. She knew all along that writing Harry Potter was her only option, even though she had no way of knowing that it would become such a massive success. Her faith in her dream was so strong that it lit her path even when it seemed completely dark and hopeless to others. She passed all of the tests of her Invisible Examiner with flying colors, proving that her faith was stronger than her challenges.

Here are some tips on how to pass the test of faith in your dream:

  1. Meditate. Use silence to connect with your inner core, your creative source, and draw strength and inspiration to pursue your dream.
  2. Stay connected with your dream. Write it as a statement and read it frequently. Or create a collage or drawing of your dream and keep it in a visible place so you can see it often. This simple activity can reenergize your faith.
  3. Talk to your inner mentor or reach out to a physical mentor. In “Reel Fulfillment: A 12-Step Plan for Transforming Your Life through Movies,” I guide you through the steps of doing this.
  4. Talk to an ally. This could be a friend, a coach, a minister, or someone you trust and who cares about you.
  5. Keep track of your results. Keep a log of your progress to remind yourself of how far you have come since you began pursuing your dream.
  6. Ask yourself: “Would I want to go back to where I was before I started pursuing my heart’s desire?” Answer honestly, considering all aspects of your former life. As long as your answer is “No way!”, you’re on the right track.
  7. Watch a film with your favorite character who also inspires you. Afterwards, have an imaginary dialogue with him or her. In “Reel Fulfillment,” I show you how to do this.
  8. Do one thing that brings you closer to your dream when your faith is challenged. This is how you show your Invisible Examiner that you are serious about your purpose.
  9. Remember that faith is not about the absence of fear or doubts. It’s about moving forward despite them.

To pass the test of faith in your dream, you must show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it a reality. This means being persistent and consistent, even when things get tough. It means being proactive and taking action, even when you feel like giving up. And it means believing in yourself and your abilities, even when others don’t. By doing these things, you will demonstrate to the Invisible Examiner that you have the unshakeable faith necessary to succeed.


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