Making of Rainbow Star

Making Of The Movie

This is an unconventional film! The cinematic movie was filmed in a total of five cities in two nations (the US and Nigeria) and in two continents (North America and Africa). In the US, the cities are specifically Orlando in Florida, and Cambridge, Canton, and Boston in Massachusetts. In Nigeria, the two cities where we sited many film locations are Asaba the frontline movie hub of Nigeria and Lagos, Africa’s most populated city and center of excellence. 

Essentially, we did not desperately look for professional A-list actors. Though there are numerous A-list and C-list Nollywood actors. We also have US actors who are locally well known in their domains, especially those who engage in short indie films and perform in live-theatre events in the states of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. It will interest you not only to google and watch their online profiles and works, but also to entertain yourself watching them in this unconventional but trailblazing film.

It’s pertinent to point out that we chose persons with no experience in acting, but they have great passion and interest for acting. In fact, a larger number of actors in this film are new entrants in the industry. But they’re individuals who are flexible, easy-going, open minded, and ready to learn on the spot with couple rehearsals before going on set. In the city of Lagos, specifically in Ikeja and Lekki, for instance, the Executive Producer (EP) rented hotel suites and rooms for days to groom and provide orientations for then would-be actors in our Rainbow film project. Thank God, the actors were quick in learning important tips that the EP taught them over Zoom and WhatsApp video platforms.

Rainbow: Living Your Dream is a Hollywood standard cinematic movie with an uncommon but pacesetting intercontinental blend. Some of the members Crew and Caste are Americans from diverse background, including African Americans, Caucasian Americans, Spanish and Asian Americans. Some of the locations and cities in which the film was shot are in the United States. There’s a lot of American of American orientation spiced with both European ideas and African cultural heritage which largely define the global mindset and experience of the EP who had travelled through and stayed in three continents of the world.

Purpose of the Rainbow Film

The purpose of this film is to inspire faith in the Creator and encourage multi-racial relationships in our family, at the workplace, and in the community at large. The purpose of the film is underpinned by the underlying experiences and aspirations of the EP. The lifestyle and experiences of the EP are largely colored by his faith in God, propelled by reason and science through daily experience with nature and interactions with people from all walks of life, and the impact of IT on his work. 

In fact, the EP’s push for the multiracial nature and multicultural backgrounds of this film was triggered by the death of George Floyd and the global multiracial reactions to race motivated violence in American cities. The EP hopes that the Rainbow film will spark a fresh flame of love among people of different backgrounds and stir a new wave of friendly and mutually beneficial interracial relationships in our communities across the global landscape.

The fact that the Rainbow film is purpose-driven can’t be overstated. The film is driven with multifaceted purposes. In addition to highlighting God as the Creator, giver, and enabler of dreams, the Rainbow film project promotes multiracial and multicultural themes.  Besides entertainment and fun stuff packed therein, the film encourages multiracial relations and multicultural practices in our families, schools, workplace, and community. For example, the interest that Tom Brady has for people in the African-American community, especially lending his knowledge, expertise, and giving of his time and treasure for the less privileged kids and families in the communities of minorities. Also, the love affair between Tom Brady and Gayle King is another instance in which the film promotes multiracial or interracial relationships.

They didn’t just love one another, but Tom Brady eventually went the extra mile to engage and privately marry Gayle King. Even when his private secretary, Jack Kennedy, foolishly cajoled Gayle King (Brady’s African-American girlfriend) with racial slurs, to make Tom hate and quit on Gayle, yet Tom remained committed to Gayle. Also, Tom was quite upset and intolerant of Barbara Bush’s racist plot with Kennedy to frame up Gayle King as cheating on Tom. Hence, he sacked Jack Kennedy from his employment and banned Barbara Bush from his office.

Another example of multiracial relationship is Prince LeBron’s love affair with Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer a young white lady proved beyond doubt to LeBron a young black guy that she will not quit on him, simply because he couldn’t develop and sell his dream speedbrake device. Rather, she remained with LeBron in the time he wasn’t successful with his dream. And even after LeBron finally invented the speedbrake device without hope of where to sell or who could buy the device for a reasonable amount of money, Jennifer went further to ensure that LeBron got value for his labor and ingenuity with the invention the device. She connected LeBron with Gayle King whose fiancé, Tom Brady, eventually bought the new device that LeBron invented for the whopping sum of $70,000,000 (Seventy Million US Dollars). 

Target Population and Goals of the Rainbow Film: Engage, Empower, and Impact

Our target populations include youths (2045 years of age), adults (4570 years of age), and children who will be crossing into or are still in their teenage ages (9-19 years). Studies show that children and youths comprise the largest numbers of people who watch film. Meanwhile, one of the underlying goals and propelling forces behind the Rainbow film is to raise awareness: inspire, engage, empower, embolden, and positively impact our youths who feel incompetent and unqualified for whatever reasons, to rise to the occasion or challenge of the moment. And consequently, thereby, do something tangible with the gifts, capabilities, talents, capacities, potentials, dreams, and visions that the Creator God gave them from the get-go to succeed with their lives. And in doing so, together with our youths, we will be able to impact others (both young and old) in our community for the good of the commonwealth and advancement of our civilization one place at a time.

Themes in the Rainbow Film

The Executive producer chose five of the major themes of his book, From Revelation to Revolution: IClouds of Witnesses for Developing and Driving Your Mind to Career and Business Success, to script the movie as follows:

God is the creator, giver and enabler of dreams, revelations, ideas, and visions.

You can actualize your dreams when you innovatively work towards them while trusting in God to lead you. Practically, what you need to achieve your dream or vision are diligence, resilience, and committing your vision, ideas, dream, or revelations to God.

You can actualize your dreams when you innovatively work towards them while trusting in God to lead you. Practically, what you need to achieve your dream or vision are diligence, resilience, and committing your vision, ideas, dream, or revelations to God.

Doing things in unconventional ways are uncommon ways to actualize your dreams and make a difference in life. The personal experiences of the EP largely led him to show — with the successful production of this film — that you can accomplish your goals, mission, and dreams through unconventional but pacesetting ways; and still produce great results such as the ones got by the industry veterans.

God is the Creator and Enabler of the second, third, seventh and even the seventy-seventh chances to succeed in life, after the initial failures and mistakes, especially when we return to him. Again, the EP showcases with the Rainbow film that God gives humans second, third, and even many more chances to make changes and reinvent their lives with successful endeavors and attainments.

The Movie Plot

There are about twelve unique plots seamlessly tailored together into a wholesome and mesmerizing storyline that’s very tantalizing to watch. Essentially, the chief protagonist of the film, Prince Rainbow Achebe, is directly and indirectly connected or linked in one way or the other with most of the plots. These include the palace plots, the drug cartel duels, the 5 LOTUS Sisters’ prostitution cartel, the modelling contest, the boutique betrayal, the beauty contest plot, prince LeBron’s invention of the speed brake device, the Barbara Bush plot with Jack Kennedy for the white millionaire investor Tom Brady to sack Gayle King his African American fiancée, the intruder play-boy Michael Jones’ aborted rape plot, Princess Serena desperate love affair with Justin Bieber, the Bishop Gates Alleged Rape-Theft plot, and African Igbo Cultural Festival.

The movie is action-driven spiced with illicit drug trafficking and addiction, crime, illicit sex, scandals, betrayals, and rape among others which are the trademarks of modern society and people who run away from the path that the Creator ordained for the accomplishment of great dreams. Importantly, the peak of the storyline of the film comprises instances of God interfering as the Father and Enabler of second and even more chances in different capacities and ways for the various actors to become successful in life. 

For instance, just as the prodigal son, when the chief protagonist, Prince Rainbow Achebe, repents (and within his mindset turns up to the Creator God for guidance and help), he divinely stumbles upon God-sent way-makers and opportunities, leading to the realization of his God-given dream and attainment of great success in life. The same is true of Rainbow’s maternal cousin, Prince LeBron Hakeem. Instead of beginning by living a wayward life of drug trafficking and street gang as Rainbow did, LeBron trusted God to help him with research ideas and efforts leading to the development and sale of the speed brake device that lavishly but divinely changed his life for better.

It’s our pleasure to welcome you into the palatial site of the palatable Rainbow film filled with heartthrobs, neck-stretching, and mouth-watering thrillers.

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