The Rainbow Cast and Crew

A lot of actors, crew members, and other professionals comprise the Cast and Crew of the Rainbow film, totalling (both Cast and Crew) about 165 professionals and artisans. Essentially, time and space will not permit us to mention and talk about all of them, especially delving into the description of their backgrounds, education, qualifications, talents, expertise, and work experience. Suffice it, therefore, to mention just a handful of them in this section of the website. They are not presented in any order of importance because each person brought a lot of energy, wisdom, ingenuity, and talent without which we wouldn’t have made the impact and success we talk about with the Rainbow film.

Ejike Ibe

Ejike Ibe is a graduate of Theatre Arts from Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria. Also known in the entertainment industry as Master BG, Ejike Ibe is a multitalented actor, singer, composer, IT guru, content builder, film editor and producer. He is very enthusiastic, full of energy, detail-oriented, flexible, results-driven, and very proactive. Master BG is the chief protagonist and he acted as Prince Rainbow Achebe in the Rainbow film. He also served in our technical team as location manager, production manager, and the Rainbow film editor.

Lucy Aiken

Lucy Aiken is a multi-hyphenate performer, writer, and entrepreneur. She is also a world traveller who has been to five continents. Website: Here below are a few different reels of Lucy Aiken. According to actor Lucy Aiken, “Rainbow was one of the best artistic experiences of my life! The entire cast and crew brought their “A” game and were so incredibly pleasant and professional!”

Comedy/cabaret reel materials written by Lucy

Daniel Viets

Daniel Viets is an American-born actor and a popular live theatre performer based in the state of Connecticut. He is very creative, full of energy and quite flexible. He acted as Michael Jones, the playboy who intruded into the home of Jennifer and attempted to rape her.

Chris Bethune

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, Chris Bethune is a multitalented actor and model. He holds a master’s degree in Social Work and has been acting both for corporate America and the entertainment industry, shuttling between Boston, Connecticut, New York, and Los Angeles for films. He’s the lead character in the US segment of the Rainbow film in which he acted as Prince LeBron Hakeem. 

Uche Elendu

Uche Elendu, known in the Rainbow film first as Ms Excellence Okowa and later as Queen Princess Achebe, is a celebrated Nigerian actor, singer, and entrepreneur. Uche is a graduate of Imo state University, Owerri, Nigeria. She is an elite actor and has been trending as A-List actor since 2001 till date. In fact, she is described as one of the most consistent faces in the Nigerian movie industry popularly known as Nollywood.

Gabe Smith

Gabe Smith is an American born musician, actor, composer, performer, an instrumentalist and very good with guitar. Based in the state of Massachusetts, Gabe is very friendly, adaptable, easy-going, and by nature multiracial in his mindset. Hence, it was so easy for him to perform the role of Tom Brady, the multi-millionaire investors who loves Black people and eventually engaged and married Gayle King the African American corporate lady and model.

Harry B. Anyanwu

Harry B. Anyanwu known in the Rainbow film as King Chinua Achebe is a famed Nigerian actor who studied in the USA. He is an elite actor in the Nigerian film industry called Nollywood. Anyanwu also has flair for music and has some recorded album to his credit. He enjoys playing the role of crowned King in many of the movies he featured in. 

Nonso Diobi

Nonso Diobi, a Theatre Arts graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria, and known in the Rainbow film as Davido, is a multiple award-winning Nigerian actor, film producer, and director. His film appearances include Border Line, Hatred, etc.

Matt Carey

Matt Carey is an American born actor resident in Connecticut, USA. He is very compassionate and emphatic in nature while being supportive of African-American people. He also brings these sterling qualities to his acting. Hence, in the Rainbow film, he acted as a young philanthropist, Perry Tyler, who assisted his African-American friend, Prince LeBron, towards his research and development of his speedbrake device.

Macaroni Debo Adedayo

Macaroni Debo Adedayo is an immensely popular Nigerian comedian, actor, and activist with a social media numerical strength of over 3 million followers. He acted as Alhaji, the drug baron who tried to connect with Rainbow to get a huge quantity of drug at little cost. 

His personal can be viewed on YouTube at

Madeline Vanessa Alvarez

Model, actress, singer, and dancer, Madeline is of Puerto Rican decent but born and raised in the United States. She is also very passionate, innovative, and full of energy. She acted as Barbara Bush, the lady who subtly plotted with Jack Kennedy to make his boss, Tom Brady, quit on Gayle King, his African-American fiancée.

Junior Pope

Junior Pope is an A-list Nigerian actor, film producer, content creator and brand influencer. He acted Garbajan, the head of the vampire drug cartel in Rainbow film.

Joyce Kalu

Joyce Kalu, a graduate of Lagos state University, Lagos, Nigeria is a veteran Nollywood actor very well known in Nigeria’s film. She is also a producer and director of movies. She acted as Queen Nnene Achebe, the mother of Prince Rainbow Achebe, the chief protagonist in our film.

Roxy Edem Antak

Roxy Edem Antak is a graduate of Mathematics and Economics from the University of Benin, Benin Nigeria. He also holds a master’s degree in accounting from University of London. He a great model and an elite actor in the Nigerian film industry. He performed as the representative of the sponsor of the Modelling contest at Barracuda Beach in Lekki Lagos.

Viridiana Desantiago

A finance major at Eastern Connecticut University, Willimantic, Connecticut, founded in 1889. Though new in the film and entertainment industry, Viridiana is very passionate, gregarious, and very lively. She’s adaptable and easily understood and performed the role given to her as Olivia Oscar the lady who was side chick while Justin Bieber cheated on princess Serena Hakeem who lavished her father’s wealth on him

Norbert Waski Oguegu

Norbert Waski Oguegu is a veteran Nigerian born actor, producer, and scriptwriter. He featured in many Nigerian movies and acted as Adenuga Dangote, the billionaire investor who owns the richest recording company and the benefactor of Prince Rainbow Achebe in our film.

Cyril Chukwuemeka Pharaoh

Cyril Chukwuemeka, also known in Nigeria’s film industry as King Pharaoh, is a well-known face in Nollywood.  He is a creative actor and script writer. Cyril is full of energy, and he acted as one of the macho drug pushers in the Rainbow film.

Akachi Max

Akachi Max is a fast-rising Nollywood actor and producer who has featured in lots of movies. Akachi is innovative, flexible, and trendy in his performances. He is also full of energy and acted as one of the macho drug pushers in the Rainbow film.

Natali Severino

Natali Severino is a super-talented Caribbean-American actor born in Boston, Massachusetts with her descendants from Dominican Republic. Though quite flexible, she is very purposeful, detailed-oriented and results-driven. He energy on Set is electrifying. She performed as Princess Serena Hakeem whose life dream is to marry a white handsome guy with whom to share her father’s wealth.

Ijeoma Azuka Chukwurah

Ijeoma Azuka Chukwurah is a graduate of Mass communication from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. She’s a well-known face in Nigeria’s film industry of which she has featured in various films. She is also a producer and has several films to her credit. Ijeoma is very dependable resource and was one of the production managers in the Rainbow film project. Also, in the Rainbow film, she acted as Monica, the boutique saleslady who (out of maliciously pursuing her dreams) framed lies leading to the sack of Davido, her colleague that her boss, Dokubor, made the boutique store manager instead of her.

Mac Collins Chidebe

Mac Collins Chidebe is popularly known as Mr. China in the Nigerian film industry. He is a professional director, experienced producer, seasoned actor, and filmmaker with series of films to his credit. He directed the Asaba Hub of the Rainbow film. Also, he acted as Dokubor, the boutique owner in the film.

Ritzi Gabarrete

Ritzi Gabarrete is a multitalented undergraduate at Eastern Connecticut University, Willimantic, Connecticut. Though not a veteran in the film and entertainment industry, Ritzi is very creative, sociable, and very energetic on Set. She’s flexible and easily performed the role given to her as Olivia Oscar the lady who was side chick while Justin Bieber cheated on princess Serena Hakeem who lavished her father’s wealth on him 

Jimmy Coster

Jimmy Coster is an actor and a high school teacher mentoring young children in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Though new to the industry, Jimmy brought a lot of creativity, energy, and fun to the Rainbow film production. He acted as Justin Bieber, the playboy whose dream is to live a roller coaster life being a proverbial gold-digger engaging in illicit sex and using tricks to obtain money from his victims

Majdi Ammari

Majdi Ammari is one of the 2 directors of the US segment of the Rainbow film project. He is a multi-talented crew member! He is a Jordanian-born university professor at Eastern Connecticut University where he taught Film making, editing, and postproduction work. He is married and a devout Christian based in Connecticut. Below is his website in case you want to more about him: 

Obi Agonmoh

Obi Agonmoh is a Nigerian-born filmmaker based in Boston Massachusetts. He holds a master’s degree in marketing from Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH. Obi is former chief camera operator for Super-Eagles, Nigeria’s frontline soccer team; and he covered the team during the 1994 Soccer World Cup Championship. He is an ordained evangelist and a devoted Christian. He is also a producer and film editor. He served as one of the directors and cinematographers in the US portion of the Rainbow film.

Cho Colette

Cho Colette is an American of Eastern European and Asian descent. He is a multitalented actor and singer who has featured in various films within the U.S. including Cannolli’s Comeback (2020), Loud Voices, and Silent Streets (2020). Cho is a skilled performer, composer, and she plays couple of musical instruments including piano. She featured in the Rainbow film as Kelly Clarkson.

It’s our pleasure to welcome you into the palatial site of the palatable Rainbow film filled with heartthrobs, neck-stretching, and mouth-watering thrillers.

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