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The Vision and Revolutionary Production of Rainbow Films proves that we can get dreams, revelations, and visions from the Creator God who also enables us to bring those dreams and revelations into revolutionary products.

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About Us

Rainbow Star Film and Entertainment Moguls is a production entity dedicated to producing films that promote sustainable development of our global community and engaging in entertainment affairs which build a healthy, happy, and prosperous society. We engage in film production, raising and training new breed of talented and passionate youths and people of all age, sex, religion and orientation in the film and entertainment industry.

Our Vision

Building and sustaining a more peaceful, productive and united world propelled by the mindset of the Creator God and driven by the love of God for one another through the instrumentality of film and entertainment.

Our Mission

Rebranding the film industry and reinventing the entertainment to enable the unqualified but passionate to find their place and calling in life.

What We Do

We make movies that promote sustainable development of our global community

We operate an unconventional but trailblazing Film academy, recruits, sponsors, records, and produces artists, actors, and models

We publish an online magazine run many literary art works and exhibitions.

We build future stars with our mentoring program, and create the lifestyle dream of up and coming Rainbow proteges.

Our Team

Rainbow was one of the best artistic experiences of my life! The entire cast and crew brought their “A” game and were so incredibly pleasant and professional!

Lucy Aiken actor

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