Rev. Chukwudi Chuck Eke

About the Executive Producer

Chukwudi Chuck Eke is a published author, seasoned Harvard University graduate, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Administration (FCIA), scriptwriter, film producer, songwriter, an environmental advocate, online publisher, and experienced administrator. He is also an ordained reverend evangelist, a loving husband to his wife, and dedicated father to his family based in the USA.

The Mindset of the Executive Producer About His Films

Chuck Eke has a God-centric mindset triggering his creator-centric production. Chuck asserts that trusting in God the Creator triggers your mind to think of endless and limitless possibilities of which God endowed our human minds to achieve once we can dream about them and dare to realize those visions, dreams and/or imaginations. 

Also, Rev. Eke asserts that beyond the obvious purposes of entertainment and fun, his films are created to educate, encourage, empower, and enable people to know, envision, and act more like their God – the Creator. Chuck says, “films should have sustainable purpose; thus, helping us to create a better tomorrow, build better character, forge a better society, and encourage our youths to build better careers while helping them to stay away from evil.” Chukwudi insists that, “Our movies should be able to glamorize the goodness in kindness, highlight the mutual benefits of multiracial relations, spotlight the dividends of selflessness, celebrate the unity in diversity, amplify the satisfaction that justice brings, showcase the love that mercy ushers, and emphasize the accolades of integrity among other virtues which build and sustain healthier human civilizations.” 

The Executive Producer’s Overview of the Film Rainbow - Living Your Dream

Most films have reasons for their creation. It’s either a response to the producer’s life experiences, turning a novel into a film, glamorizing events in our daily lives or for mere purposes of fun and entertaining the target audience, for some other reasons not captured here. Essentially, let’s quickly take a look at what led to the production of this awesome film, thereafter, know what the Rainbow film is all about, and of course talk a little bit about the making of the film.

What Gave Rise to the Birth of Rainbow: The Unconventional Film with Intercontinental Flavours

It’s our pleasure to welcome you into the palatial site of the palatable Rainbow film filled with heartthrobs, neck-stretching, and mouth-watering thrillers. The vision and revolutionary production of Rainbow film proves that we can get dreams, revelations, and visions from the Creator God who also enables us to bring those dreams and revelations into revolutionary products. What started out as a vision as I watched the ocean of clouds cascading the sky at an altitude of about 38,000-40,000 feet above sea level, as the British Airways flight in which I was on board from Abuja Nigeria via London UK to New York surged through the hills, valleys, and mountains of the clouds in December 2019, eventually turned into an epochal book and pacesetting film for me. 

For more details about my historic encounter watching the clouds while on board British Airways flight; and getting revelations therefrom, resulting in the writing of the said book and the accompanying film, please read my book titled, From Revelation to Revolution: IClouds of Witnesses for Developing and Driving Your Mind to Career and Business Success. In fact, the Rainbow film is a practical demonstration of Chapter 18 in the book. The chapter title is “Living Your Dream No Matter the Odds.” Check out on Amazon or Barnes and Noble online bookstore as follows:

Rainbow was one of the best artistic experiences of my life! The entire cast and crew brought their “A” game and were so incredibly pleasant and professional!

Lucy Aiken actor

About the Movie - Rainbow, Living Your Dream

The film titled Rainbow Living Your Dream is about two cousins Prince Rainbow Achebe and Prince LeBron Hakeem. They are maternally related but are sons of two different Nigerian Kings. Each of them is chasing his dream in distinct ways in two different countries in two separate continents. Prince Rainbow (the Chief Protagonist in the film) being inspired by the story of CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper, who didn’t depend on the huge wealth of his parents to successfully pursue his dream career in journalism and broadcasting, feels he could do the same in order to realize his dream of becoming a celebrated singer and actor.  

After graduating with a degree in law, Rainbow abandons his degree certificate with his parents and flees his parent’s palatial mansion in the oil city of Asaba, Nigeria. Passionately but wrongly, Rainbow starts out in Lagos (Africa’s most populous city) chasing his dreams trafficking drugs. And he nearly died in the process. But by divine intervention, one former prostitute and drug addict, Latifa, rescues Rainbow when she sees him traumatically groaning in pain and anguish inside a huge gutter drainage. Latifa sends for assistance from the American-oriented Christian Detox and Rehab organization where she works. 

Eventually, Emergency Response team with its medical personnel from the Christian Rehab organization rescues and rehabilitates Rainbow at their detox facility. In the process, Rainbow falls in love with Latifa. Through his relationship with Latifa, on the day of graduation from the Detox and Rehab facility, Rainbow coincidentally runs into a divinely sent way-maker who connects him to the owner of the largest music recording company in Africa who signed him on to his record label for a whopping sum of 250,000,000 naira (US$625,000). Eventually, through divine intervention, Rainbow achieves his dreams without leaning on the enormous wealth of his parents. Thereafter, he buys landed property, fleet of cars and marries Latifa the lady who played a role in his success story.

On the other hand, Prince LeBron Hakeem (an engineer from MIT Cambridge Massachusetts, USA) shares the same mindset with his maternal cousin, Rainbow, by refusing to depend on the wealth of his royal parents to actualize his dream. However, he pursues his dream in more civilized and genuine way. He pursues his dream in Boston, USA, researching to develop a speedbrake device to contribute towards human civilization. As a result of the delay in developing and selling his dream speedbrake device, his white fiancée, Kelly Clarkson, impatiently quits relationship with LeBron. 

Essentially, by divine coincidence during a Church conference, LeBron runs into another white lady, Jennifer Aniston, who vows to marry him whether he invents and sells the electro-mechanical device or not. Fortunately, after the development of the speed rake device, Jennifer introduces LeBron to Gayle King, her black Christian friend whose fiancé is a multi-millionaire white investor that bought the speedbrake device with its patent right for a mouth-watering sum of $70 million. 

After the sale of the speedbrake, LeBron gives $20 million to Perry Tyler, his white friend who sowed the initial $20,000 that was invested towards the research and development of the device. Most of all, during the Success party to celebrate his development and sale of the speedbrake, Lebron surprisingly knelt in front of Jennifer before the crowd to engage and marry Jennifer Aniston, his fiancée, who helped him a lot.

In the film, Latifa and Jennifer Aniston, the fiancées of both Prince Rainbow and Prince LeBron respectively became the divine way-makers for both royal sons to achieve their big-bang life dreams in two different nations. The processes for the realization of these huge breath-taking and mouth-watering dreams for the two Princes are filled with a lot of thrilling actions but crisscrossed with painful disappointments and heart-breaking incidents.

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    It’s our pleasure to welcome you into the palatial site of the palatable Rainbow film filled with heartthrobs, neck-stretching, and mouth-watering thrillers.

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